Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Steps

You Tube Video - Andrew Walking

Check out the video above - Andrew is taking some of his first steps, with the assistance of a toy and dad to keep it from sliding out in front and him face planting.

As you can see Andrew is moving and grooving and keeping us busy.  It's hard work to keep up with a child that is so curious he gets into everything.  His current favorite activities are standing up on just about anything he can use to pull himself up.  He also likes feeding himself or eating whatever you are eating.  I cook his food from fresh fruits and vegetables, but hes tired of purees, I think.  Such an advanced young man is clearly ready for real foods.  :)

His other favorite thing is anything that lights up such as cell phones, remote controls, laptop computers and ipads!  It is almost impossible to use any of these items while he is awake.  Andrew can spot the bright lights from across the room and army crawl over to grab them. Yes, he still army crawls.  I mean, with such a voluptuous belly, he must have back problems just trying to get it off the ground!

More photos and videos will be coming.  I have high hopes of a Popeye halloween costume, but we'll see what we can come up with.  Stay tuned...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Andrew's Beach Day

 We took Andrew to the beach this weekend and he absolutely loved it!  I wasn't sure how he would respond to the waves, the sounds, and the splashes, but he did great.

 Tony and I took turns body surfing him in the waves, and he giggled the entire time.
Tony even threw him around a little. 
 Andrew liked playing in the sand, also, but he definitely thought it was a tasty snack.  I kept pulling his hand away from his mouth, but it kept creeping right back in.
He practiced crawling a bit in the sand, but mostly he just liked grabbing at it.
 He's a Florida baby, no doubt about it.

Alan's Wedding

My cousin Alan got married two weeks ago in Montecello, Fl.  The Lanier clan drove up to Tallahassee and stayed with my good friend Brooke for the weekend.
 The ceremony was outdoors and the reception inside a cute little barn.  It was a wonderful time to catch up with my family, most of which I don't get to see very often.
 Andrew bonds with my Uncle Tim.
 And Nanee has to get in on the love action, too.  She gives good hugs.

 Tony ended the night with the Twist and Shout, shortly before Andrew tasted a few baked beans and then started wiping his eyes.  We left the party early to get the baby boy home to bed, but it was a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bubbles + Pool = Bubble bath

I made homemade bubbles using a recipe I found online.  Andrew wasn't quite into bubbles yet, and my recipe fell flat a little, as the bubbles fell too quickly and popped easily.
 So as the bubbles fell into the pool and the hose moved them around, a bubble bath was created.
 Good news: Andrew LOVES bubbles in the bath.  He can see them and splash them easier than the individual bubbles.

 Here's my sweet water soaked boy.  
 In other news, Andrew can now suck on his bottom lip.  Milestones, baby.  Milestones.

More cute bathtub pics

 Could this kid get any cuter?
 I mean, really.  He could win contests.
The pudge.  The rolls.  The eyes.  I die.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Swim Time

Andrew in his pool on his very first 4th of July.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DIY Apron

I found this pin on Pinterest, but the linked webpage is in Russian.  It doesn't show how to make the apron, only various styles and colors.  So today I gave it a shot with one of Tony's old shirts trying to figure out how it's done based on the picture.  

I started out by laying the shirt flat on the ground and lining up all the edges.
 This shirt is made by Old Navy, and is a camp-style shirt, so it has reinforced double seams along the sides.  I decided to cut outside the seam (the side closer to the back of the shirt, rather than the front), so the seam would provide some structure along the sides and keep the fabric from fraying.
 As I cut up to the arm pit of the shirt, I realized that double seam kept going to the cuff along the bottom of the sleeve and would make really good ties around the back.  I cut along both sides of the seam on the sleeve, then cut off the cuff.
 I did this on both sides, then cut along the arm seams up to the neck of the shirt.
 Then I cut along the collar, right under the seam where the collar connects to the back of the shirt.
 This leaves you with just the front of the shirt, looking like a sleeveless shirt with strings coming off the sides.
 I order to make the apron more flattering and fit closer to the body, I wanted to cut off that triangle of fabric.  This was the hardest part, because I didn't have any seams to follow and had to eyeball it.  I decided to cut from the curve in the sleeve diagonally to the corner where the top of the shirt meets the collar.  I did this on both sides and tried to keep it as symmetrical as possible.
 And there you go.  I'd model it, but I haven't showered yet today and I have an aversion to being photographed in my pajamas.  Photos coming soon.
By the way, this is an XL shirt and the sleeve/strings are long enough to tie into a bow around my back with not much extra string, and I usually wear a Medium or Large shirt.  I would be cautious about using much smaller of a shirt size, unless you are very petite.