Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bubbles + Pool = Bubble bath

I made homemade bubbles using a recipe I found online.  Andrew wasn't quite into bubbles yet, and my recipe fell flat a little, as the bubbles fell too quickly and popped easily.
 So as the bubbles fell into the pool and the hose moved them around, a bubble bath was created.
 Good news: Andrew LOVES bubbles in the bath.  He can see them and splash them easier than the individual bubbles.

 Here's my sweet water soaked boy.  
 In other news, Andrew can now suck on his bottom lip.  Milestones, baby.  Milestones.

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John and Andrea said...

Did you find it on Pinterest? I think I might try one, it says it's like Gymboree bubbles, and they're awesome. Anyway, Andrew is so adorable, loving those big eyes and eyelashes!!